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International Financing

Through RBTT BANK in Trinidad, highly trained personnel will provide exporters and potential exporters with vital information required to successfully access foreign markets. They also facilitate the promotion of products in overseas markets, through participation in trade fairs and exhibitions.

Information provided to exporters includes: General country information, overseas business contacts, bi-lateral and multi-lateral trade agreements and labeling and packaging requirements in specific markets.

Payment Methods for Imports/Exports

There are several common methods of effecting payment for imports/exports. The method used is usually negotiated between seller and buyer. The Commercial Bank has an important part to play and at RBTT BANK we are committed to providing you with a professional service.

International Banking Services

Whether you are buying raw materials or selling finished products within the Caricom Region or internationally, the RBTT network of correspondent banks and suite of products will minimize your risks and ensure timely payments.

Special Lines of Credit:

Special lines of credit open up tremendous opportunities for trade and business with countries worldwide.

(Arrangements will be made through RBTT BANK in Trinidad and Tobago)