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Whether you are new to your field or a seasoned veteran, our financial solutions are designed to meet your professional and personal financial goals.

As a professional, you may find that you have unique needs with financial implications. For example:

  • You may wish to travel to attend conferences, lectures or courses on subjects of interest. 
  • You may have had a long and expensive education phase and, while this may set you up for high earnings in the future, it may take some time to build sufficient equity for loan down payments to purchase cars, houses and other assets.
  • You may wish to specialize, or the professional association to which you belong may have mandatory professional development requirements.
  • You may wish to ensure that when you retire, you and your family can maintain your current lifestyle.

See solutions for all your major needs below.

You are on: Vehicle Financing tab

A sturdy and dependable vehicle is a necessity for most professionals. For client visits, emergencies or opportunities, mobility is of utmost importance.
Whether you have your sights on a new luxury vehicle or a quality pre-owned vehicle, RBC Royal Bank will help you acquire it.

Your need:
Vehicle financing

How RBC Royal Bank can help:
We have special discounts, terms and conditions to make this purchase affordable, convenient and stress free.

Ask for:
Vehicle loans

You’ll get:

  • Preferential interest rates
  • Up to 100% financing
  • Discounts on fees and service charges
  • Flexible and affordable repayment terms
Related Solutions:
  • Insurance Financing - For your convenience, we also offer financing for your car insurance.
  • Automatic Savings Plan - While 100% financing is available, you may prefer to save for this purchase to reduce the amount of borrowing required. We will be pleased to help you set up an Automatic Savings Plan for the initial costs associated with buying a vehicle.

You are on: Master Your Profession Tab

As a professional, you will probably want and need to upgrade your skills and knowledge by pursuing second or post-graduate degrees or through attendance at conferences or courses. In fact, for some professional bodies, Continued Professional Development (CPD) is a mandatory requirement.

Your need:
Financing for Continued Professional Development (CPD)

How RBC Royal Bank can help:
RBC Royal Bank has special loan packages for CPD after completion of formal training which includes financing for:

  • Short courses
  • Second or post-graduate degrees
  • Specialization programmes 
  • Travel for conferences
Ask for:
- Education Loans
- Personal Loans for Continuous Professional Development
- Credit card for travel

You’ll get:
  • Up to 100% financing
  • Discounted interest rates & fees

    • You are on: Payment Solutions Tab

      Generally, the more you earn, the more you spend. As your income increases, you can enjoy more of life’s luxuries such as travelling to exotic destinations, shopping or fine dining with family, friends or clients. You therefore need secure methods of payment, sufficient funds to cover large purchases and, while you’re at it, why not earn rewards for every dollar spent?

      Your need:
      Convenient and secure payment solutions and readily accessible funds to cover expenses.

      How RBC Royal Bank can help:

      • We can provide lines of credit to quickly and easily finance personal expenses.
      • We can provide you with a payment solution that fits your lifestyle and offers higher limits, best in class rewards and world-class service.
      Ask for:
      You’ll get:
      • Rewards on your purchases
      • Easy access to credit
      • Flexible repayment terms
      • Discounts on fees and service charges for overdraft facilities

      You are on: Property Purchase Tab

      Few life events are more exciting than buying or building your dream home.

      While some professionals may invest in this dream very early in their careers, many may build, buy, relocate or upgrade later on in life, as income and equity increases allow them to do so.

      Also, because of their specialized skills, some professionals continue working well beyond the standard retirement age. This provides them with additional income which can help service loans after retirement.

      At RBC Royal Bank, we understand professionals.

      Your need:
      To finance the purchase or construction of your dream home

      How RBC Royal Bank can help:

      • We offer flexible terms and conditions on residential mortgages.
      Ask for:
      You’ll get:
      • Repayment terms of up to 30 years (not restricted to retirement age)
      • Discounted mortgage interest rates
      Related Solutions:
      Automatic Savings Plan – You may also need to save for this event to reduce the amount of borrowing required. We will be pleased to help you set up an Automatic Savings Plan for the initial costs associated with buying a home.

      You are on: Savings Solutions Tab

      Savings plays an important role in creating financial security.

      Your need:
      Savings solutions for emergency and planned personal expenses.

      How RBC Royal Bank can help:
      - We can provide guidance and advice on the solutions that will allow your money to grow over time, and prepare you financially for your retirement.

      Ask for:

      • Interest Earning Savings accounts
      • Our “Business of You” booklet – a step by step guide to mastering your financial life
      You’ll get:
      • Attractive returns on your funds
      • Sound financial guidance


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