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Unbreakable Term Deposits

Features and Benefits:

  • Available in J/USD/GBP/CAD
  • Initial deposit: JMD 100,000 or USD/GBP/CAD 1,000
  • Minimum balance: JMD 100,000 or USD/GBP/CAD 1,000
  • The deposit must be held for a minimum of 366 days and cannot be broken during the term of the deposit. Interest is paid at the end of the period.
  • Interest is calculated daily and is paid at maturity.
  • The interest rate that is applicable on the term deposit is relevant during the life of the deposit – it will not be adjusted if term rates change. If, at maturity, the customer wishes to reinvest the funds, they would be reinvested at the new rate.
  • At maturity, principal and interest are rolled automatically, unless the customer specifies instructions.

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