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Point of Sale Solutions

Give customers more payment options.

Card processing

RBC's Merchant Services will positively affect your bottom line as more and more consumers are using cards today. RBC's Merchant Services team is well equipped with the expertise to help you better meet your customers' needs. Experience the ultimate in payment acceptance, convenience, and technology.

We offer superior service, very competitive rates and fees, and one-on-one consultation and training. RBC's Merchant Services offer great features like:

  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Personalized service (no contractors or outsourcing)
  • No installation fees or hidden charges
  • Very competitive discount rates
  • High-speed terminal that accepts many cards
  • As many terminals as you wish using just one VPN line
  • E-Commerce solutions
  • 24-hour support and MORE

We also offer comprehensive fraud prevention assistance.


  • Increased sales from reaching a wider customer base and achieving higher customer turnover.
  • Greater security by eliminating the risk associated with collecting cash.
  • Fast & easy installation of terminals. Traditional telephone lines are not required for our wireless terminals to be setup at businesses, trade shows or promotional events.
  • Strong, rugged and durable terminal,which can withstand the wear and tear of both fixed and mobile activities.
  • Increased customer comfort, giving the cardholder a sense of reduced risk of fraud as their credit cards need not leave their sight during a transaction.