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Other Support Facilities

We are here to offer support to your business.

When tendering for projects or establishing relationships with new vendors and suppliers, there are services we can extend to help position your business ahead of competitors in the industry and/or give your vendors and suppliers peace of mind that obligations would be met while they develop a working relationship with you.

You are on: Project Financing tab

This is a loan arrangement in which the repayment is derived primarily from the project's cash flow on completion, and where the project's assets, rights, and interests are held as collateral.

It is money raised for a specific self-contained venture such as construction.

You are on: Performance Bonds or Guarantees tab

Successful bidders often require a performance guarantee for a percentage of the contract amount. RBC enables you to meet your contract requirements and assures your client of your ability to perform.

You are on: Bid Bonds or Tender Guarantees tab

To ensure that suppliers submit serious offers, tenders often call for up-front cash deposits or irrevocable guarantees. With and RBC bid guarantee, you can establish your credibility without tying up your cash.

You are on: Advance Payment Guarantees tab

If you require an advance payment from your client, an RBC guarantee assures the client that their advance will be repaid by RBC if you fail to meet your contractual obligations.