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Working Capital



Commercial Overdraft Account

Even the best-run business can find itself short of funds. This is why we offer a credit limit attached to a chequing account that can be accessed as the need arises. Interest is calculated on daily balance and charged monthly- LOCAL AND HARD CURRENCIES

Short Term Demand Loans

A short term loan based on calculation of interest on the reducing balance. Interest is calculated on the daily balance and charged monthly

Trade Bill / Paper Financing

Assists in financing the sale of goods and services by relieving the seller of the responsibility for tracking payments,. The bank finances the receivables and follows up the collection of funds.

Invoice Financing & Receivable Discounting

Invoice Finance is the collective name for a range of services which improve business cash flow. The business is paid up to 95% of the Invoice value immediately and the Bank then takes on the responsibility of collecting payment from the client's debtors.


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