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Everyday Banking

Current Accounts

For those persons who want to take care of their day to day expenses, including the payment of regular bills, we offer a choice of current accounts both in local and US currencies.

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Saving Accounts

Money saved today will come in handy tomorrow. We offer a wide choice of saving options to suit your saving or investment needs.

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Credit Cards

RBC Royal Bank credit cards offer you first class service global acceptance, prestige and access to your account 24 hours a day with RBC Royal Bank NetBank .

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Online Banking

RBC Royal Bank NetBank enables individuals to perform secure approved transactions from their accounts over the Internet

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Financial protection is essential against unforeseen events such as accidents, ill health, or even premature death. Let us help you face the future with confidence. Whatever your insurance needs, we can provide comprehensive coverage.

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Other Ways to Bank

  • ATM Banking  
  • Deposit Bag Facility 

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