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Christmas Loan Offer

Get more, do more, enjoy more this Christmas with RBC.

RBC makes it more affordable to get everything you want for Christmas and more!
Apply for your personal loan this Christmas and get much more with RBC!


  • Reduced interest rates between 10.5% and 16.5% apr
  • Lower monthly payments

Plus… book your loan early to automatically qualify to win monthly cash prizes.
All approved credit card applicants will receive an RBC gift.

Call 588.01.01 or visit any RBC Royal Bank branch today!

Campaign rules:

  • The effective interest rate for Personal loans after the campaign is between 10.5% and 16.5% apr.
  • Administration costs are equivalent to 1.50% of the value of the loan with minimum amount of AFL.250.
  • Risk premium for one applicant only is equivalent to 2% of the value of the loan and 3% in the case of two applicants with a minimum of Afl100.
  • In case the loan is being cancelled, the client must notify RBC Royal Bank (Aruba). N.V. in writing a minimum of 3 months in advance or else should pay a penalty fee of 3 months of additional interest on the balance of the loan.
  • Only approved clients under this promotion get a chance to win monthly prizes of Alf.1500 plus a chance to win the grand prize of Afl.2500.
  • Employees of RBC Royal Bank and its advertising agencies are not eligible to enter.
  • RBC Royal Bank (Aruba) N.V. reserves its right for approval subject to normal lending criteria.
    Promotion ends December 31, 2013.

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