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Trail Blazer

Get your independence Now!

We did our research and found out that what young adults really want is their independence, their space, their room to grow and become the trailblazers they see in their minds. We were told that if there is anything we should help with, it is to achieve that state or feeling of independance. Rather than assume we knew what that meant, we asked the question...

"What will help you feel independent now?"

  • My own car
  • My own home
  • A million dollars
  • A salary (said those who are not working)
  • A higher salary (said those already working)
  • A higher education
  • My own business
  • My own bedroom with my own entertainment system
  • My own computer
  • My own phone line
  • My own credit card
  • VIP treatment

After talking with you, we got down to work to create the Trailblazer Package specifically to help you get anything on this list (with the possible exception of a wife/husband). For each need listed here, we designed the financial solution with a sweetener for Trailblazer Cardholders. By the time you finish browsing this website you’ll know the basic financial issues that most people your age face and the solutions and instruments that will help you meet these needs.

18 to 25 is the stage where, no matter who you are, or what you’ve done with your life so far, you can start blazing your trail to super success. Welcome to the fast track. 

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A Special Package of Banking Services for Senior Citizens

More Free Services

No service charge on:

  • Cheque Writing
  • Standing Orders
  • Additional Statements
  • Loans
  • Safe Keeping (Envelopes)
  • Will Preparation/Retirement Planning
  • Local and Foreign Drafts
  • Use of FasService 24 ATMs in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Travelers Cheques
  • Inter-Account Transfers 

Plus there are more benefits

Free admission to the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Retired Persons (TTARP)

Exclusively for Plan 55 customers, up to 25% discount on the annual fee. Through TTARP, Plan 55 customers receive discounts on insurance services, hotels, restaurants, car rentals etc. and a world of other savings.

Spouses are entitled

As a Plan 55 member your spouse is also entitled to all the stated benefits regardless of age provided:

  • The Plan 55 member transacts the business
  • The Plan 55 member accompanies his/her spouse at the various locations providing special benefits

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