Capital Expenditure

Demand Loans

A loan amount based on the calculation of interest on the reducing balance, interest calculated on a daily balance and charged monthly

Installment Loans

A loan account based on calculation of interest up front on an add on basis

Asset Based Financing

Asset based lending (ABL) is a form of working capital that is secured by assets like accounts receivables, inventory, machinery, equipment and/or real estate. This form of financing is ideal for companies at a point of transition like starting up, growing organically, by merger or acquisition, refinancing existing debt and management buy-outs. We offer two general ABL products, Margined Working Capital Loan and Selective Invoice Discounting. However, our ABL professionals work closely with clients to establish funding that meets the unique characteristics of our clients' industry and business. This tailored approach is carried through in our ongoing servicing to ensure our ABL solutions enable our client to continue to focus on what they do best - grow their business and succeed.

Commercial Mortgages

A loan account primarily for the purpose of purchasing / constructing a commercial building based on the calculation of interest on the reducing balance according to an amortized schedule with the supporting collateral being a mortgage on the property.

Leasing Facilities

This form of financing is typically used for vehicles and other capital equipment .Leasing is a process by which a firm can obtain the use of a certain fixed assets for which it must pay a series of contractual, periodic, tax deductible payments. The lessee is the receiver of the services or the assets under the lease contract and the leaser (the bank) is the owner of the assets.