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Health insurance provides benefits for treatment of sickness or injury. Health insurance can help you maintain financial stability and lifestyle by assisting you with paying the bills, obtaining better quality health care thereby allowing you can your family to focus on recovery.

Individuals and Family Cover

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This plan gives you unlimited access to one of the largest Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) in the region. Preferred Provider means that you use specified doctors or institutions, which are identified upfront. We have also forged alliances with some of the best healthcare providers and administrators worldwide. LifeCare's network of PPOs includes qualified and experienced medical practitioners and specialists, hospitals, pharmacies and laboratories.

The comprehensive medical plan offers coverage that allows immediate treatment with a small co-payment and no completion of claim forms. With Provisor you even have the option of using practitioners and facilities outside the network.

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Quantum offers two types of medical plans:

  1. Basic plus Supplementary Major Medical
  2. Comprehensive Major Medical.

The Basic plus Supplementary Major Medical offers the basic benefits section which has specific dollar and number of treatment limits per 90 day period of disability and the supplementary Major Medical benefits section which takes effect once you have satisfied a calendar year deductible. You are then reimbursed a percentage of the eligible medical expenses up to the maximum Major Medical Benefit limit.

The Comprehensive Major Medical plan provides complete and substantial medical expense coverage under one plan, which takes a deductible (a specified flat amount before any benefits are payable) and reimburses a percentage up to a specified dollar limit. The amount not reimbursed is called the co-insurance, which is a percentage of the eligible medical expenses in excess of the deductible.

The Quantum Plans can be easily customized and therefore offer more liberal benefits based on the clients’ healthcare need. Members also have the flexibility of choosing their personal Providers.

For more information on our personal and business insurances, please call or visit RBC Insurance Services (Caribbean) Limited at:

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