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Vehicle Insurance

At RBC Insurance Services (Caribbean) Limited we can obtain protection for the personal motor vehicles you and your family drive. It helps to protect your financial security against liability claims and medical expenses It helps to safeguard your investment of the physical asset in the event of a claim depending on the level of coverage selected.

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Marine Insurance

Marine Private and Pleasure Craft insurance cover such vessels for private and pleasure purposes only.

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Travel Insurance

As a responsible traveler, you know how important it is to protect yourself and your loved ones as well as your belongings whilst traveling abroad.

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Home and Property Insurance

Homeowners insurance insures the homeowner or the householder for loss or damage to residential structures and/or their contents from a number of causes. It also extends coverage for potential liabilities incurred as owner or tenant of the property.

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Life Insurance

Thinking of why you may need life insurance is not a pleasant task, however life insurance is one of the most responsible decisions to help ensure that your family can continue to enjoy the quality of like they deserve.

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Health Insurance

Health insurance provides benefits for treatment of sickness or injury. Health insurance can help you maintain financial stability and lifestyle by assisting you with paying the bills, obtaining better quality health care thereby allowing you can your family to focus on recovery.

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