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Life Insurance

Life insurance is a contract between the policyholder and the insurance provider whereby the provider is contracted to pay (for the consideration of a premium being paid by you) a specified amount (death benefit) to the beneficiary named in the contract, upon the death of the insured.

Thinking of why you may need life insurance is not a pleasant task, however life insurance is one of the most responsible decisions to help ensure that your family can continue to enjoy the quality of like they deserve.

Life insurance can replace your income and provide financial security for family members dealing with sadness and loss. The proceeds from the policy can cover financial obligations such as funeral cost and final medical expenses. Life insurance can provide the funds to pay higher education expenses for children; reduce debt and provide supplemental income for your family.


Life Insurance

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Loan, mortgage and credit card insurance is a convenient tool to safe guard your savings and investments. It preserves your life and disability insurance for the other things for which they were intended.

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Term Life insurance provides coverage for a specified period of time and can be renewable. The most common policy periods are one year; five years; ten years or until the insured reaches age sixty-five or seventy.

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Whole Life insurance as the name implies covers you for the ‘whole’ of your life and not for a specific term only. Your death benefit and premium would usually remain the same. Whole life insurance also builds cash value, this is a return on a portion of your premiums that the insurance company invests. Your cash value is usually tax-deferred until withdrawal.

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An annuity is a type of savings plan used by individuals looking for long term growth and protection of assets that will likely be needed within retirement. Millions of people utilize annuities every year to ensure that they have a guaranteed retirement nest egg, as annuities provide a number of specific advantages over other traditional investment vehicles.

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