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Investment Solutions

Investment Solutions

Put those idle business cash balances to work.

Businesses should maintain a certain level of cash on hand to cover unforeseen circumstances or to take advantage of prompt payment discount incentives. However, if your cash flow forecast shows that you will have surplus cash balances available during certain periods of time, or if your business is consistently generating a cash surplus, you should put these funds to work immediately.

Your RBC Royal Bank Account or Relationship Managers will work as your partner, leveraging all the resources RBC has to offer, to provide you with the financial advice and solutions you need to help your business achieve its full potential.

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Find investments for consistent cash surpluses.

Business clients can invest locally and internationally through RBC Merchant Bank (Caribbean) Limited. Please contact your branch today to find out more.

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Find longer-term investments for consistent cash surpluses.

The Fixed Term Deposit will appeal to you if have excess funds to invest. It is a redeemable deposit vehicle for investments and savings.

Feature Benefit
Rate of interest guaranteed for the investment period chosen. Maximizes earning power.
Choice of maturities Provides multiple options to meet the client's individual needs.

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U.S. Dollar Certificate of Deposits are secure investments to preserve your money. Where available, this investment earns interest at either a set or a variable rate, or based on a market linked formula.

Consider including some proportion of USD CDs (or other conservative fixed income investments) in your portfolio to help balance more aggressive investments.

Feature Benefit
Choice of maturities. Provides multiple options to meet the client's individual needs.
Short-term investment periods for excess or investment funds. Offers flexible investment terms.