International Financing

Letters of Credit

A letter of instructions issued to an exporter by a Bank, at the request of its customer agreeing to put a specific sum at the seller’s disposal, on the buyer’s behalf under precisely defined conditions.

Standby Letter of Credit

An instrument issued by a Bank at the request of its customer to a named beneficiary. It is issued in the form of a financial guarantee or a performance guarantee. Issued in any major currency

Bills Discounting

A form of sales financing that generates immediate cash flow when a business invoices its customers. The business is paid 95% of the invoice value immediately and the bank then takes on the responsibility of collecting payment from the client's debtors.

Foreign Currency Loans

Denominated in foreign currency, this type of facility is available to earners of foreign exchange

Documentary Bills For Collection

A product for financing the sales of goods and services where a Bill of Exchange , and documents are forwarded to the buyers bankers to be held in trust with the release of title documents only when the buyer has paid or has accepted the Bill of Exchange promising to effect payment at specified date.

Export Development Financing

Provides up to 100% of the working capital requirements for inputs and or discounting of export receivables

Foreign Funds Transfer

A quick and efficient method of payment which enables foreign currency transfers to any part of the world.