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Investment Products

Banker's Acceptance

Designed to assist borrowers in accessing funds at preferred rates of interest, the product matches an investor with a borrower. The term of the arrangements is usually between 30 - 180 days. It is an unconditional non-interest bearing note that is issued by a borrowing company. That order is evidenced by completing a special draft called a BA. On acceptance of the BA, the bank assumes an irrevocable liability for the borrower’s debt (hence the name Bankers’ Acceptance). That typically increases the negotiability of the BA and reduces the company’s cost of borrowing. A fee is charged as compensation to the Bank for accepting the BA.

Participatory investment Certificate

Similar to a Banker's Acceptance except that the product matches investors with borrower for longer periods and tax is deducted at source. Term up to 365 days

Money Market Account

A higher yielding savings account, interest is calculated on minimum monthly balance and paid at the end of each month. These accounts are available in the following currencies local, USD and EUROS.