Business Enabling Services

Stop Payment

An instruction from a client not to pay or honour a cheque

Certificate of Balance / Interest Paid

A certificate containing information on an account

Payroll Envelopes

The preparation of pay packets for employees on request by employer

Fas / Quick Deposits

A deposit receptacle which is located in the Banking hall to facilitate the deposit of cash and cheques without the need to line up at tellers and account is credited same day.

Non - Stop Depository

A service that is generally used by business people for the deposit of cash and cheques any time day or night, using disposable bags

Funds Transfer

A method of transferring funds by mail or telephone to another Bank or branch locally

Point of Sale

Debit and Credit card acquiring at Merchants

Audit Certificate / Statement

A certificate prepared by the Bank normally sent to the auditors giving details on a customer's account.

Swift Transfers

A quick and efficient method of payment to any part of the world

Letter of Reference

A reference or recommendation given to clients

Payment Capture System (Same as ACH)

Corporate clients with a large number of payments can use this service to facilitate payments through the electronic processing of data. Also used for salary payments.

Net Bank

Online Banking services

Bank Drafts

A draft is normally purchased by persons who need to make payments of a fixed amount locally or abroad. It is a safer more convenient means of payment and also guarantees payment.