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Objectives and Benefits


The purpose of Young Leaders is to help young people develop leadership skills and appreciate the value of teamwork in the pursuit of common goals; to foster care for their community and the environment; to promote thrift toward strengthening the social, moral and economic well-being of communities and to implement sustainable programmes that will have meaningful and wide ranging impact.

The Benefits of being a Young Leader

  • You gain new knowledge and experiences which are priceless.
  • The programme builds capacity and promotes the development of leadership and project management skills.
  • You establish new friendships at home and across the region and learn the value of teamwork.
  • You learn more about your country.
  • You learn the importance of saving, budgeting and about the practical side of finance, which will be important when you become a working member of society.
  • Employers and academic institutions place great value on community work, and therefore, your special Certificate is an important addition to your marketability.