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Roytrin High Yield Mutual Fund


Roytrin High Yield Mutual Fund 

Roytrin's High Yield Fund is an open-ended mutual fund for investors who want high returns over the medium to long-term.
The fund has an actively managed portfolio comprising a range of regional and global securities.

Who can benefit from the High Yield Fund?

  • Investors seeking higher returns from an actively traded, open-ended mutual fund
  • Investors who wish to reduce portfolio risk by investing in a diverse range of investment instruments and currencies

Among the Fund's strong points:

  • High Yield Investment Objective
  • Available in TT and Euro currency
  • Professional Asset Management capability
  • RBC Royal Bank’s Experience and Stability
Minimum Subsequent
TT Dollar 




Euro Dollar 




Return on Fund

Investors can gain via capital appreciation and distributions*.

*Distributions will be paid at the discretion of the Portfolio Manager and will be credited to the investors' accounts in proportion to the number ofunits held in the Fund.

Purchase of Units

Investors may purchse Units of the Fund from the following locations on application forms approved by the Fund:
a. All branches of RBC Royal Bank (Trinidad and Tobago) Limited
b. RBC Royal Bank Asset Management
c. Call our Telemarketing Unit at 625-7271 for more information

How is the Fund Invested?

The Fund invests in a broad section of assets which include:

  • Money Market Instruments and Deposits with financial institutions
  • Debt obligations of select Sovereign Nations
  • Corporate debt obligation
  • Mutual Funds listed on select recognised stock exchanges
  • Short-term debt instruments
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Deposit Receipts
Note:The prospectus is a concise outline of relevant information about the Fund which an investor should know before making a decision to purchase the Units. It contains information about the Roytrin High Yield Fund, as well as the names of the persons responsible for its organization and management. You are encouraged to read the prospectus in its entirety prior to making any investment decision.

Roytrin High Yield Fund 

TTD Roytrin High Yield Fund
Rate of Return as at Dec. 13, 2013
EURO Roytrin High Yield Fund
Rate of Return as at Dec. 13, 2013
Net Asset Value Per Unit



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12 Month Return



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The Trinidad & Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission has not in any way evaluated the merits of the securities offered here and any representation to the contrary is an offence. Performance is subject to variation and is likely to change over time. Past performance should not be treated as an indicator of future performance.