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The Great Debate

Young Leaders Debate

RBC has introduced a new element to the Young Leaders Programme: The RBC Young Leaders Debate.

We have done this in the belief that Debate is one of the great underpinnings of a democracy.  Formal and informed Debate is the heart of a democracy’s most important institutions and traditions – from legislative enactment in our Nation’s Parliament, to discussion of the ethical issues of the day.  As such learning the art of effective Debating will be of critical importance for the Young Leaders who will guide our country in the future.

Participating in and observing the RBC Young Leaders Debate will also teach our Young Leaders important skills.  Debate tests a participant’s analytical capability and flexibility, demands quick thinking and broad general knowledge, and enhances the participants’ communication and interpersonal skills.  Debaters learn to approach an issue logically; to understand an issue from all sides and to work as a Team.  All of these skills will prove invaluable for our RBC Young Leaders throughout their lives.

The theme of the RBC Young Leaders Programme 2013/2014 is: Diversity…the 21st Century Imperative

Be the Change -
The Motions for the Young Leaders Debate 2012/2013 were:

Motion 1:
Be it resolved that  “We define our reality: change is therefore the responsibility of the individual and can  be controlled.”

Motion 2 :
Be it resolved that  “Technological advance influences society and renders our future inevitable, in spite of inner transformation and individual choices.”




Debate Updates: