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SMS Service - Account info on the go

With RBC Royal Bank SMS service you can get salary alerts and know your account balance anywhere and anytime.

Salary Alerts

  • When you register for the SMS service you get a text message whenever a salary is credited to your account.

Account Balances

  • Text BAL to 4RBC (4722) for the current available balance on all registered savings and chequing accounts.
  • Text BAL+ "last 4 digits" of any of your registered savings and chequing accounts to 4RBC (4722) for the current available for that specific account.
  • Text HELP to 4RBC (4722) to get help on any of the features of the SMS service.

You are on: Always remember to tab

Security Tips On the Go: RBC Royal Bank is committed to making sure that your information remains private.

Always remember to

  • Password protect your phone and never store any banking passwords on your phone.
  • The unique verification code required to confirm your mobile phone number links your accounts only to the registered phone number.
  • If your phone is lost or stolen contact us immediately at 625-1083 so we can stop the service and ensure that your information remains secure.
  • RBC Royal Bank will at no time request any personal information e.g. full account number, email or personal address, nor do we send any such information to you via the service.
  • For more information about SMS service or any other information: Visit your nearest RBC Royal Bank branch;
    Call 1-868-625-4RBC(4722)